Desert Bus for Hope the Documentary

In partnership with Bionic Trousers Media, we’re producing the first-ever feature-length documentary about the much-loved video game charity internet telethon Desert Bus for Hope.

Now entering its tenth year, Desert Bus for Hope has raised over $3million dollars for the children’s charity Child’s Play, providing video games and other entertainment for children dealing with long-term illness or injury in hospital.

The telethon happens every year for about one-week. But the planning for that week starts months in advance, and has been a work in progress for a decade.


This documentary will cover the history of the event, as well as the months of work and planning that go into it. But more importantly, we’ll be spending time with the extraordinary people who make up the event, and examining why each of them spend so much energy and time putting on a show to raise money they’ll never put their hands on.

It’s an extraordinary story and Flying Saucer is excited about telling it.

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