Projects (archive)

A boutique production house, we take a small number of outside projects each year and treat each one like our own. Our commitment to our clients’ creativity and respect for their integrity is paramount.


Current Projects

Take This

We are currently in post-production on a short documentary about the non-profit mental health education and advocacy charity Take This, Inc.

The documentary was shot on-location at PAX South 2015 in San Antonio, TX, and is being edited in-house at Flying Saucer Media. The documentary will be released in Spring 2015 to help promote Take This and raise awareness of both the organization’s work and mental health related issues in general.


Recent Projects

Meet the Rock Band 4 Team

A short documentary introducing “Rock Band 4” and the team helping to revitalize the Rock Band franchise. Shot on-location at Harmonix Music Systems, Cambridge, MASS. Copyright 2015 Harmonix Music Systems, Flying Saucer Media, LLC.

  • Production & Direction: Russ Pitts
  • Photographic Direction: Christian Cicerone
  • Editing: Christian Cicerone & Russ Pitts
  • Camera & Audio: Christian Cicerone & Paul Goodman
  • Music: Harmonix Music Systems, Beaten By Them, The Gentry, Marmoset