Stage of Development:
Indie City

For Stage of Development, we travel around the world meeting new indie game developers, and talking to even more on our podcast. The result is a comprehensive exploration of the art of making games.

Who are they? Why do they make games? How do their real lives intersect with their art? These are the questions we’ve been asking developers for years, and every developer is different.

“Indie City”

Reborn from the ashes of the collapse of Midway and Wideload, Chicago’s “Indie City” is forged from the crucible of AAA studios and the game design programs at DuPaul. They are young and hopeful, but also polished and poised. Oddly practical. Totally Midwestern.

We spent a month with Chicago’s indies. Our film is about their passions, their drive, and their lives. Why making games is the only thing they can imagine doing, even in the face of failure.

Featuring Young Horses (Octodad), The Men Who Wear Many Hats (Organ Trail), William Chyr (Manifold Garden), Culture Shock Games (We Are Chicago), Trinket Studios (Battle Chef Brigade), Greg Wohlwend (Tumbleseed), Chris Wade (Sausage Sports Club), and more.

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